Midlife Crisis

The Midlife Crisis Branding Problem

The Midlife Crisis

Whenever the topic of midlife arises, it seems inevitably accompanied by the word “crisis.” It’s like they’re a package deal, inseparable as peanut butter and jelly. The notion of navigating midlife without some form of crisis seems almost unthinkable. This association has fostered such a negative perception of midlife that many of us approach it with trepidation, fearing the looming specter of crisis that awaits us.

It’s not hard to see why midlife and crisis often go hand in hand. As we age, we inevitably experience a gradual decline, both mentally and physically. Our once-sharp cognitive abilities begin to wane, while our bodies start to protest against the rigors of our usual exercise routines. Meanwhile, we observe those around us grappling with life’s toughest challenges as they navigate their own midlife journeys. In such a landscape, it’s no wonder we find ourselves caught in the web of crisis.

Resisting The Midlife Crisis

Driven by our innate desire to excel, we resist any signs of decline, clinging to the identities we’ve painstakingly crafted over the years. Success, wealth, and achievement have become our defining attributes, and the thought of relinquishing them fills us with dread, fearing we’ll be left adrift without a purpose. We become like characters in a cartoon, spinning our wheels in the mud as the race draws to a close.  We resist the midlife crisis.

Embrace Transition

But what if, instead of dreading midlife, we embraced it? What if we faced our cognitive and physical changes head-on, preparing ourselves for this new chapter of life? Embracing radical self-reflection, we would acknowledge the strengths we’ve cultivated throughout our journey, using them as the bedrock for our next phase. Armed with this newfound awareness, we could redefine our second act, crafting careers that bring fulfillment and happiness. We no longer drift aimlessly into midlife feeling guilty about lack of achievement because we have a new purpose that aligns with our values.

Let Go Mindset

Letting go of the insecurities that often accompany a midlife crisis, we would harness the wisdom accrued over years of success. Rather than asking “what,” we would delve into the deeper question of “why,” seeking purpose and meaning in our endeavors. Crucially, this shift in mindset involves recognizing the value of our wisdom and experience. Our accumulated knowledge and sound judgment can be invaluable resources, offering guidance to those navigating similar paths. The strength we possess in this later stage of life becomes a powerful tool for making a meaningful impact on others.

Rebrand The Midlife Crisis

Let’s reimagine midlife as an opportunity rather than a crisis. It’s a chance to share our wisdom and experience in a meaningful way, while finding purpose in our second act. We have the opportunity to redefine our values, focusing on what truly matters to us and letting go of what doesn’t. In this process, we tap into the strength that has fueled our past successes, guiding us confidently into the uncertainty of our future. Finding a good coach to help you through a midlife crisis and focus on your purpose will be extremely beneficial.

Brian McKeon
About the author

Brian McKeon is an executive coach that focuses on partnering with senior professionals to build a foundation for transformational change that is authentic, purposeful and honors a client’s unique talents. The partnership will develop critical self-management skills that will be the foundation of sustained performance over a career. Brian’s practice also incorporates mindfulness to broaden self-awareness and to open clients up to positive change.

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